Improved Cut™
A Superior Rotary Blade at a Wholesale Price™
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Ever struggle with rotary blades that dull after only a few projects?
When it comes to getting a great cut, Olfa® and Fiskars® are a safe bet.
But have you ever wished they were a bit less expensive?
We'd love to introduce you to Improved Cut™:
A rotary blade as sharp as Olfa®,
at half the price.
But of course we'd say our blades are great right? :)
Here's what others are saying about Improved Cut™:
" I could scream to think of what I have paid in the past for blades. 
These blades are the BEST I have ever used, seriously the best. And the price, how can they offer such a superior product for this price. You need these."
Amazon Customer 
Our offer for you
We know you value your time and money.
Put our blades to the test for 30 days. 

And if they do not perform better or as well as Olfa® or Fiskars®, 
we'll not only refund your money, but also send you an Olfa® 45mm 5-pack to your doorstep for your trouble.
Every product we sell is guaranteed to work 100% as expected, or your money back.
Do your rotary blades skip or get dull after only a few quilting projects?
Deb's Story
A Quilt in Time for Christmas
It was a December afternoon, snowing, and Deb was frantically trying to finish a very special quilt - a Christmas present for her granddaughter in Iowa.
But she had a problem.
Her rotary blades kept skipping and were ruining her fabric, preventing her from getting the quilt done.
Worse, she had to have the quilt in the mail by 5 o'clock otherwise it would not get to Julie in time for Christmas.
Deb knew that rotary blades were pricy at Joann and preferred to wait until she had a coupon to buy them, but considering the predicament she was in, she didn't mind spending the extra money.
The only problem was that Joann was a 20 minute drive away and with the snow Deb knew she wouldn't get there and back and still have enough time to finish the quilt.
So she called on her husband for a solution. Although Deb knew what he was going to say before he said it :)
- Call Mary.
Mary, also an avid quilter of many years, picked up the phone in her calm voice and told Deb not to worry - she had just the thing.
A few minutes later, Mary was at the door.
She came in and took off her coat, then reached into her pocket and pulled out a 45mm rotary blade, handing it to Deb.
"This will do the trick."
After thanking her, Deb installed the new blade into her Fiskars® cutter.
She pressed the blade down onto the fabric and like magic,
the rotary blade glided across the material - giving her the most effortless cut she had ever experienced.
Looking over at her husband and smiling, "Mary always comes to the rescue, doesn't she."
Now with a sharp blade on hand, Deb was able to finish the quilt.
She rushed off to the post office, got there minutes before it closed and sent off the quilt.
The quilt arrived the day before Christmas so Julie got her present in time and the quilt was one of her favorites :)
Our offer for you
Don't decide to pay for our blades now.
Put them to the test for 30 days. 

If they do not perform better or as well as Olfa® or Fiskars®, we'll insist you get your money back.
When it comes to saying goodbye to skipping and getting a great cut, Fiskars® and Olfa® are a safe bet.
But what if there was a rotary blade that cut just as well as the top brands and  was more affordable?
We'd love to introduce you to Quilting Blade™.
The journey to your rotary cutter:
It all starts out in Japan. Each Quilting Blade™ is made from the highest quality
Japanese SKS-7 steel
~ so you can use each blade again and again with minimum dulling.
Next is the sharpening.
A Quilting Blade™ goes through four individual sharpening stages
~ so you get that flawless cut every time.

Improved Cut™, 45mm Rotary Blades, 10 Pack

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*Only one coupon per online order please :)
"These are very sharp and my new favorite blades. Will definitely be buying more.."
Judy Barnard
"I go through so many rotary blades while quilting that it is great to be able to get these for a reasonable price without having to pay what the price normally is for brand names. These work great and last just like the name brand blades."
Edith C.
"Exceptionally competitive price on these blades compared to other top brandswith no loss in quality for the savings. If anything, these blades may be keeping their sharp edge longer than others we have purchased in the past. Highly recommend this product for anyone that uses rotary blades in high quantity"
Jilly S.
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Ten Improved Cut™ 45mm rotary blades
  • Fits your rotary cutter - Each Improved Cut™ blade is specifically designed to fit all rotary cutters.
  • Secret behind the sharpness - An Improved Cut™ rotary blade goes through four individual sharpening stages so you get a flawless cut every time.
  • Longer lifespan - Made from Japanese SKS 7 steel so you get more uses out of each Improved Cut™ blade with minimum dulling.
Brand Name: Improved Cut™
Blade Material: SKS 7 Steel
Model Number: RB45 (Diamond Collection)
Dimensions: 45 * 0.3 mm
Hardness: 55 - 63 HRC
Material: SKS - 7
Gross Weight: 3.5g / blade
Sharpness: 8 - 12 N
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Happy Quilter
I am always happy to leave a positive review about a product that lives up to the hype (in this case, improved cut). I have been using my rotary cutter for years, and many times the blade skips and leaves a few uncut areas that I needed to go back over the fabric. I am using the rotary cutter with your blades for piecework for a quilt, and every quilter knows how many cuts are needed. Every one of the cuts have been clean and precise, and never have I had to go over it twice. Thank you for a superior product.
By Karen Tank on April 30, 2016
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Five Stars
Works great.
By Janis Waraxa on April 25, 2016
Helpful? Yes/No
Very sharp. Love them
By Amazon Customer on April 24, 2016
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